7 Facebook Search Tips to Find What You are Looking For

7 Facebook Search Tips to Find What You are Looking For

Friends, today we will talk about Facebook, Facebook has so far 2.1 billion users in 2018. And its founder Mark Zuckerberg keeps adding some new features every year. Now you will say, “Brother, we all know about Facebook” but I still have some tips that you do not know about, even if you do not know even before, there are tips, and these tips are a lot of you Save time and this can make your work easier. The biggest advantage of being a Facebook is that we can connect with anyone around the world. And after that you can share your thoughts here, share photos too. And nowadays there are also Mims who laugh a lot to you. But sometimes we are looking for something and we can not find it in search, I will tell you some tips on this, till then, definitely reading.

7 Facebook Search Tips to Find What You’re Looking For

1. The Basics of Facebook Search

We sometimes have to search something, then we put keywords in the search directly, then we get enough results, and these results also show us in the category.

For example, if I search “Liverpool” then it will show me departmental store or some shops, and I will search “Hitesh” then people of this name will be seen. And when scroll down, you will get public posts, Groups, Pages, photos, videos and more.

2. Use the Facebook Search Filters

You will see the filters in the left side of the screen. From this you will be able to manage the result.

In this you will get 5 filters:

Posts from: You can see the results of one person or group in it. And you can also see a custom feed from “Choose a Source” in it, such as the BBC.

Post type: You get 2 options in all posts and Posts you’ve seen.

Posted in Group: You will be able to see the result of all the groups in it, then you will also be able to see any of the groups.

Tagged Location: You can see any places that are listed in your profile.

Date posted: You can also search Date or Custom Date.

So it was some basics now talk of some more tricks.

3. Find What Your Friends Have Liked

You will be very curious to know which friends your friends will support, or which political party they support, or which actress will be liking the page, or would you like to photograph a girl? Haha can also find out this too.

Type in the search bar “Friends who liked [Subject] and enter curry. In the photo below I had to see which of my friends liked football. In this you can see the results of all by doing See All.

4. Find Photos and Videos

You can easily see your friends liked photos or videos, or you can see feeds of those who have their information public.
If you do not trust your partner, whose photo is being sent to the haha ​​.. then you can also find out. But do not quarrel after this, reconcile the brothers together. Haha
For this, you have liked Photos by [name] and Enter in the Search bar. And search for such videos Videos liked by [name]

5. Find Photos and Videos of a Place or Event Within a Specific Time Frame

You can also search photos of an event or location. Like photos of Coldplay in Amsterdam Last week you will see photos of their program.

6. Find Nearby Places Serving Your Favorite Food

If you are far away and you are very hungry, then you will also find your favorite food hotels nearby. For this you search [Type of Food] nearby, and you will see a list of some hotels. In addition to Nearby, you can also add the name of the city to it. That means you will find where your favorite food hotel is.

7. Find a New Job on Facebook

You will also find new jobs on Facebook. Whatever job you are looking for, try it at all, try it, for this you type “Jobs hiring nearby or Jobs hiring in [Location], and you will see some results like this.

8. Find Stuff to Buy on Facebook

Now a days Facebook has become a market place, things have also been bought and sold on it. And second hand things will also get you cheaply. You will find the name of the market name in the Facebook App.

Use Google, Facebook!

Now think of yourself, when you get so much on Facebook, who will use more than Google? And if all of these tips and tricks are going on, then it can also compete with Google. Because more than half the things you get on Facebook.

So friends will finally say that just do not search, do a little smart search, save time, do you know which trick will you get? And enjoy Facebook.

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