8 ideas for promoting your website

The customer or the reader will not fall from the sky. If you have decided to make your own website, whether it is personal, corporate or commercial, you should know that visitors should start attracting visitors and selling your services or products that you should invest, mainly in time, but It also depends on the purpose you want. Receive, we talk about financial investment.

Once you make your site available to the world, it is very possible that you have to take steps to promote it. You can invite your friends and family to help promote your products so that you can share them on your social network, but you can not expect them to do all the work for you.
Today, we want to offer you a series of suggestions to promote your site, which has suggestions for all types of budgets, from zero cost to sponsorship of big events.
However, remember that originality and innovation are fundamental, so do not forget to think of these two factors when creating strategies for promoting your site.

SEO: The Status of Your Site

The best way to promote your new page is to try to improve your ranking in Google and other search engines. Select your keywords well so that when a user searches for these terms in any search engine (primarily Google), then their site is on the first page of results.
According to various studies, the first page of Google results is responsible for generating 92% of organic search traffic. The main problem is that the user should be very dissatisfied with the results first or should be very desperate to get additional information to reach the second page of Google.
To do this, as we have said, you should work with the right keywords, that is, the list of words you want to classify, which should be related to your site. These words must be in their texts, categories, product descriptions or promotion pages. However, they should be used continuously, otherwise, this will not work. If you type keywords only on random, Google will see that you are trying to modify the rules and you will never get the results you expect.
To help you, we recommend working with two devices. The first is Google Trends, which allows you to compare searches for a word with another keyword. This information is very useful when you need to work with synonyms, for example, to know which ones are the best keywords to use in your texts. The second tool is called Keyword Planner for Google AdWords. Through it, you can see which ones are the best keywords to use, but it will be possible to know which categories your competitors are trying to classify.

SEM: Online Advertising

SEO is a good option through which you will get many visits to your site using the right digital marketing strategy, but you will start getting results in medium and long term.

Maybe, if you have just opened your website, you have already made an investment in page development and design, which means that you will want to earn profit in a short time. For that, you’ll need to be patient and keep a little more money in online advertising.

You can contact other webmasters to pay advertising space on other websites related to your niche, to try to apply your banners or advertisements and other potential customers. You can also use ad channels like Google AdWords.

The budget required to work with ads will be very different, because it will be determined by the administrators of those sites where you want to buy a paid advertisement. If you choose to work with Google Adwords, that program works through a bidding system and you can estimate how much it will cost to advertise through the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Will it be worth it? If you follow the right strategy, it can be quite beneficial and you will have a conversion from day one. On the other hand, if you do not plan your advertising campaigns properly, you can attract visitors (paid by pocket), but users who do not buy for you. You should also keep in mind the existence of ad blockers, such as AdBlocker, which is one of the best known systems. These extensions prevent your banner from joining any other site by seeing it, so your strategy will not be effective.

Publicity through social networks

As we have explained many times, social networks can become an important tool for their presence in the digital world. Remember that you should not create profiles in all of them, but in those platforms where your audience is present. For example, if your products are for consumers between the ages of 15 and 20, you will not be able to reach them through LinkedIn, but you will use Instagram or Snapchat. Once you have a page or profile on social media, remember to ask all your friends to follow it. Besides, not only with your products, but also the content of interest to your audience, it is constantly Do not forget to update A great way to create relevant content is to start writing articles for corporate blogs. The social network revolution is constantly increasing in the relationship between brands and customers. We talk about one-directional model (talk to the company, listen to customers and decide whether to trust the brand), for a bidirectional model where customers can ask questions, read opinions from other customers and here You can also criticize it.
Therefore, you should always interact with your audience through the “Customer Service” service. If someone writes a question to you, then try to help as much as you can. Or if a user supplements their brand, always give feedback, thanking for your opinion.
Remember that being present in the social network is also meant to be in contact with negative comments. If you receive a negative opinion or comment, then from the beginning you will have to decide what you are going to do. As a general rule, for transparency, eliminating these comments is not advisable, though there are brands and companies who continue to do so. You should never do that, you should leave those comments.

In the end, measuring the strategy being followed, it is important to know whether you are successful or, on the contrary, if you are wasting time. With the platforms you are using and even metrics provided by Google Analytics, you can understand the behavior of your visitors, where they come, the most visited pages, the most shared pages And there are bounce rates.

Do not worry if you do things correctly, then you will be able to see the results over time. Because of the novelty, the matrix may be excellent for the first time, but they can fall primarily in four months, so you should know if your strategy is working or not.

Advertising and Social Networks

How about joining the last two points? This is another possibility of success. For that, the first step is an attractive product or service, check the market thoroughly and start advertising with direct and different messages, always according to their target audience.
Of course, the success story is not so easy. You should know that creating ad campaigns on social networks is a challenging task, and for this not only creativity but also the knowledge of the platforms you are using, there is a lot of work to do. By working correctly with ads on social networks, you can generate conversions, but you will also find followers and visits. With guidance, you can also save on your budget.

Create your own blog

Keep in mind, first of all, that this will be a medium and long-term strategy. Do not expect to receive thousands of visits and/or purchases with the first article you posted on your blog. However, if your blog provides special content that is relevant to your visitors, then your business will grow.
In this, you can show your products, news or information related to your sector. As we said earlier, that content may also be published on the social network, which directs traffic to your website. If the same blog post contains internal links in your products, you can make the purchase process very fast and easy. Of course, that option will also help you improve your SEO strategy and ranking your website. Make every effort to provide users with relevant content, and do not forget to use the keywords you are trying to put into position, in this way you can also indirectly access the first page of the search engine. Will work, so you will be able to get new visitors.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote your site, your products, and content.

This is a way to show what you are doing, work with contacts who were already interested in your site and get new contacts with the traffic generated by your digital marketing strategy.
In fact, we have seen many benefits of email marketing in other articles.
I suggest you review them to understand how email marketing can contribute to your business.

Which is free always helps

Do not make any mistake, all of us have followed a Facebook page or have done something to participate in a contest, win prizes or win. All to get something for free!
If you want to attract new followers quickly, then one of the best options is for some of your customers to offer their products or services for free.
This is the best strategy to help you reach your short term goal. You can use contests or raffles for this. Do you want advice? Imagine making an initial draw only among your followers. They may need to share a link (if it is one of the requirements to participate) and thus other users can know their work. But of course, if you create a free promotion as well as a small ad campaign on the social network, then the results will be much better.
However, be very careful! Competitions draw or free versions can be against you while working like a double-edged sword.
After offering a promotion, you have to work on your digital marketing strategy so that your new followers can become customers. After the promotion ends, you will have a new challenge: You must persuade users to continue using your services (payment).

And offline in the world?

Everything on your mobile device or on your computer’s screen is not available! You may be able to promote your business through more traditional channels. Of course, we are talking about advertising on television, radio, press, etc. But if you do not have money for it, then you can also use the cheapest techniques.
You can do free publicity in newspapers or magazines in your area or other websites. To do this, you have to sell your history, not your business or your brand. With values ​​such as commitment, solidarity, attempts, etc., think about your idea, product or service to create sympathy. If you provide interesting content, some media may agree to publish it and share content with your community as it is not commercial.
Another idea to promote your website (according to your budget) will be through cooperation or sponsor events. Always think that you should sponsor events related to your business, the same value to attract people interested in your site. For example, if your audience is between 20 and 35 years of age, sponsoring the Summer Festival can be a good idea.
To conclude, we talk about originality and creativity. Perhaps you think it will be too old to start distributing brochures. However, why not make fan-shaped flyers to help combat the heat? Your creativity will be crucial to the success of your promotion.

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  • Hi Saurabh, very nice blog. A website not promoted is a website that not sells. Promotion of a business is very necessary in this highly competitive world. And the ways you explained to do it are very effective. Whatever method you pick make sure you have a complete data for it. Analayse your inputs, have screenshots and optimize your results accordingly.

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