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Affiliate or Adsense: Which Money Makes More?

We all want to earn more and more money from our blog. But most of us fail to make money while some other bloggers are making millions of dollars every year.
Do you know why most bloggers are struggling to make more money? There is a simple reason for this: They do not know what the strategy of monetization on their blog is.
Yes, there are many ways to earn money online, but there are only two major income sources, which 90% of bloggers use.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Google adsense

Now if you are wondering how to choose one of them to make more money from your sites, then this post is just for you.
Let's first take a look at our earnings report from Google AdSense
As you can see, we have generated over $ 6000 from Google AdSense. Here’s the data of our AdSense earnings (for the past years).

  • Total Earnings: Around $ 6200
  • Page Views: over 1 million
  • Effect on advertisements: more than 1.7 million
  • Total clicks generated on our ads: around 30,000 clicks
  • Page RPM: $ 5.72
  • Impression RPM: $ 3.56

Now, let's take a look at your affiliate earnings on a report

As you can see we generate over $ 32,000 in commissions from just one single product. Clearly, we made a lot of money from affiliate marketing. Just in case, here is the brief review;

  • With AdSense, we generated approximately $ 6000 from ~ 30,000 clicks
  • With affiliate marketing, we earn $ 32,000 from ~ 9500 clicks (just $ 1 from a single product)

Things to know: AdSense vs. affiliate marketing:

Signing into an affiliate network is easier than getting an approved AdSense account Affiliate marketing pays more than AdSense Most affiliate companies offer PayPal or Payoneer as a payment method, while AdSense does not. You can find affiliate products for all niches, but AdSense is not allowed on certain targets. AdSense alone is managed by Google, while there are many large and small affiliate companies. Affiliate ads are more attractive and generate more money than Google AdSense.
Clearly, from a glance at the above mentioned points, affiliate marketing is more attractive and beneficial than Adsense.
Nevertheless, before making your conclusion, a few things should be mentioned about affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing only works on a few pages, so not every page of your blog will make money for you. On the other hand, AdSense also works for pages that do not work for affiliate marketing products. Adsense is a backbone for any blogger when it comes to making money online, as it keeps your cash machine flowing, although the pay per day is less than a single affiliate sale.

With an affiliate sale, you can make anywhere between $ 10- $ 100 depending on the product you are pitching. In my case, the payment from an affiliate sale would be more than what I am doing with AdSense in a week.

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