The best add-ons for WordPress Mobile Site Optimization, super idea

The Best Plugins for WordPress Mobile Site Optimization

Best WordPress Plugins for Mobile Optimization

Do you know that more than half of Internet traffic in the United States comes from mobile phones? According to these data, more than half of the people who come to your blog do this with their smartphone.

One of the main methods of promoting a blog is social networks. The last time you opened Facebook from your desktop? Okay, maybe you worked today
But the problem is that sites like Facebook and Twitter have become mobile, at least for consumers like us. Most likely you are reading this blog post from your phone or tablet. Not to mention the fact that he has received this blog post through newsletters, feeds or social networks.

As a blog owner, can not you really pay attention to your mobile readers? Most likely, they are your most loyal readers. Why? Just because he chose to read your content using the most chaotic tool on the planet.

If you want to establish your business and make money from your site, you’re going to have to embrace the power of mobile.

It’s okay, it went corny. Let’s continue. So you have chosen WordPress as your blog platform. Cool. You have a very good WordPress theme that responds, is ready for mobile devices and even has retina screen support.

Here is the trap. Many of these so-called “awesome mobile themes” are not really that impressive. More often than not they are poorly coded, they have the rarest alignment problems in their mobile version (which, by the way, are impossible to solve without the developer’s help) and are extremely slow when loaded on mobile devices.
Remember, a visitor is more likely to leave your website if it does not load in 3 seconds. With the mobile, that period of time of 3 seconds is constantly decreasing. In fact, I think you’ll agree when I tell you that the two resources that are running out every day are time and attention.
So in the spirit of happy mobile reading, I’ve compiled this list of incredible mobile optimization add-ons for WordPress. In other words, these add-ons will allow you to create a really impressive mobile version of your WordPress site. Let us begin!

1. The mobile theme module by Jetpack

I’ve talked about how amazing Jetpack is in one of my previous publications. And it seems that we are going to talk about Jetpack again. As you know, Jetpack is an add-on developed by the same excellent people behind WordPress. The add-on offers a large number of functions that are applied individually to a diverse set of audiences.

One of these modules is called the mobile theme. Once activated, this Jetpack module overrides the mobile version of your active theme. In other words, when a user visits your site through a mobile device, the Jetpack Mobile theme takes over.

Rest assured that this theme follows only the best SEO standards, is made of the most optimized code pieces, is loaded in a heartbeat and is really beautiful to watch! Oh, and of course, it’s free.

2.WordPress Mobile Pack

This addon contains some important weapons when it comes to creating a mobile website. Typically, a plugin represents a mobile-compatible version of an existing website. This add-on goes further and creates a complete web application using the latest HTML5 technologies.
If it is not clear on a mobile site and a web application, this could help. If you have used Facebook Lite in the Android browser, it is a mobile site. If you are using a recent version of Chrome on your phone, you will be served the Facebook web application.
Web applications are much more fluid in terms of UI and UX, have offline synchronization, savings capabilities and work on all platforms, including iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and Android.
One of the most interesting features of WordPress Mobile Pack is that it allows you to selectively synchronize different publications, pages, and comments according to the target device. It also offers a premium version (starting at EUR 7.99 / month) that has better customization and thematic capabilities, integration with Google Analytics and ad networks such as Google AdSense and DoubleClick, offline syncing and a host of other impressive features.

3. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Dubbed the original WordPress mobile plugin, WPtouch turns your existing WordPress theme into a beautiful and fluid mobile template that respects the mobile site design guidelines recommended by Google.
The premium version of the add-on: WPtouch Pro offers a variety of improved themes for blogs, businesses and specific themes of WooCommerce.
You can also purchase additional extensions that add rich advertising options, web application mode (similar to WordPress Mobile Pack), “mobile-only” content, advanced web typography, mobile site caching, and more. These extensions range between $ 10 and $ 20 and offer you the flexibility to buy them individually according to your needs, allowing you to better control your budget.
While some may argue that putting a price on a supplement of $ 15 related publications is too much, an alternative thought might suggest that this greatly improves the quality of production work.
WPtouch Pro starts at $ 88 / year for a single site license, which includes extensions such as basic announcements, related publications, and web application mode.

4. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

This ingenious and small plugin is incredibly useful for people who simply want to upload different themes for mobile and desktop devices. The Any Mobile Theme Switcher add-on recognizes smartphones and tables with Android, iPhones and iPads, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS. You can select a different mobile theme for each of the previous devices.
The premium version of the add-on ($ 10 USD) allows you to display different home pages based on the incoming visitor’s mobile device! It also shows a QR code on the desktop version of your site for mobile bookmarks and is compatible with W3 Total Cache.
Another interesting feature of the premium version is that it converts any existing phone number on your site into “click to call” phone numbers. This feature is a hidden gem for local businesses since it could greatly improve conversions.

5. Obox Mobile – WordPress Mobile Plugin

Designed by the team that brought us Layers WP, the Obox Mobile WordPress plugin offers advanced mobile personalization features, such as:

The visual personalizer for the mobile theme.
A homepage with widgets that allows you to better organize your content on the home screen)
A pop-up left sidebar that gives your visitors a “web application feel”

This is a premium supplement with a price of $ 40, which includes lifetime updates and 6 months of exclusive support from the Obox team.

6. WP Mobile Detector

This add-on detects more than 5000 devices and allows you to offer highly specific content based on the visitor’s incoming device. While it is unlikely that you create 5000 variations of the same content, it is not wrong to have options.
The free version of WP Mobile Detector includes 11 themes for mobile devices designed for various types of companies, from simple blogs to companies and e-commerce stores. The premium version of the add-on from $ 50 has features such as the interactive mobile theme editor, and integration, visitor tracking and more.

A Few Other Tips

Building a mobile site is easy. The construction of a mobile site that converts is not.

  • Responsive Images

The images of your WordPress theme should be receptive. This means that the graphics window should be read as soon as the size changes.
For example, if I change from horizontal to horizontal mode, or if I change the width of my desktop browser, then, according to the theme, the images should be customized accordingly. When I change the display mode without updating the page, WordPress should not load images of different sizes.
The good news is that WordPress 4.4 comes with built-in support for sensitive images. If you are using an old theme, make sure the developer updates it. Check if the response assets of the images are working. If not, it is better to use recently updated themes.

  • Optimize Images

WordPress automatically creates optimized versions of your images in different sizes. You can optimize your new and existing images on your WordPress site using the popular EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress add-on. Supports batch compression with loss or loss of images in JPG or PNG format.
WP Smush is another image optimization add-on developed by the WPMU team that promises a two times better compression with its premium version. However, the free version limits the maximum size of the input image to 1 MB.

  • Defer Loading of Images

However, the optimized images are still slow to load. To minimize data transfer and improve site loading time, you can use the lazy loading plug BJ.
The essence of the complement lies in a simple JavaScript code that postpones loading the images until the graphics window is active. In case the browser has JavaScript disabled, it degrades gracefully, that is, it stops working without breaking the site. The images will be loaded in the normal way. In other words, the images are only loaded when you scroll down to see them, that is, you are in the graphics window of the image.



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