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Best WordPress SEO Plugins for High Rankings in Search Engines – 2019

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best blogging platforms and you can add unlimited functions and functions with the help of add-ons.

Today I will share some of the best WordPress SEO plugin that are completely free and will help you optimize your blog for the search engines. I will also share some of the alternatives and suggest which SEO plugin I should follow.

One big problem with the SEO plugin is that there are many options available and create confusion for new games.
Every time you install a new plugin, be sure to read the full description and use only what you need to use and make sense.
I will not recommend that you install all the plugin listed below until you know how to use them correctly.
In this list of the best WordPress SEO plugins, I will recommend some of the best free plugins available in the official plugin repository.

In the next articles, I will write a detailed description of how to use the SEO plugin detailed below. So we go with our list here.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Improving Search Engine Rankings:

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  2. SEMRUSH: Complete SEO Suite
  3. WP super cache
  4. WP broken link checker
  5. Seo friendly images
  6. Author hReview

You must have heard that WordPress is SEO friendly, and it is not completely true. But, when you compare WordPress SEO with many other existing platforms, WordPress is far superior in terms of the optimized search engine platform, and with the help of many plugins, you could take the full SEO of your WordPress blog to the next level.

Before installing these add-ons, understand how SEO works. Any website that includes your WordPress blog must be optimized for SEO in 3 levels:
  1. ON-PAGE SEO: This is where you will ensure that your post is optimized for the particular keyword. You are responsible for the placement of keywords, the alt image tag, the header tags, the keyword density and the LSI keywords and some other things.
  2. SEO On-Site: Your site’s indexing and general tracking are. You send your sitemap to Webmaster Tools, configure your robots.txt file and other things that help search engines better track and understand your site. It is important to know that the speed of your website is also a ranking factor.
  3. SEO Off-Site: this includes generating backlinks and more social networks to share on your blog. Part of the social networks is presented both on the website and on the website.

More or less, you should make sure that your WordPress blog takes care of these three parts and you will see a great improvement in your blog’s traffic. The add-on I have listed below will allow you to customize your blog in the first two parameters of a good SEO. So, let’s continue with this special list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress so far because it offers lots of control over your SEO blog. You might have heard about one of the many plugins like All in One SEO, headspace and many others, but Yoast SEO is much better than anyone you heard.

Yoast is one of the well-known WordPress ninjas, and his work with this free plugin is amazing. You can control especially the indexing / non-indexing of your WordPress blog, and you can optimize the unique publication for search engines using this plugin. This is a complete SEO suite for WordPress. Starting with SEO on the site, this plugin also allows you to optimize your WordPress posts for specific keywords. You can also generate a sitemap using Yoast SEO and send it to the Google search console or the Bing webmaster tool.

The configuration of WordPress SEO by YOAST is quite technical, and a novice can find it difficult to understand every configuration given by this plugin.

I recommend you read this guide, which will help you configure this add-on without any problem.

SEMRUSH SEO Writing Assistant:

The SEMrush writing assistant helps improve the SEO score on the page for your target keyword. This addon adds a box in the WordPress editor section and helps you optimize your target keyword.

This works differently from Yoast SEO, since it analyzes the 10 main results of your target keyword and, depending on your ranking, suggests some things like the LSI words you should use, the target words, etc. This is an advanced complement and for those who understand the effect of SEO on website traffic, they should use it. You can use this plugin along with any other SEO plugin for WordPress.

WP super cache:

best wordpress seo plugins

You must ask yourself why an add-on that speeds up your blog is in a list of WordPress SEO plugin.

The plugin provides cached functions at many levels (page cache, browser cache, database cache), and can be quickly integrated with any CDN network you use.

The configuration can be complicated for the first-timer, but once you have correctly configured the plugin, you could see a drastic improvement in the loading speed of your blog.

WP broken link checker:

Dead links are bad for search engines, and this broken link checker plugin helps you identify all the dead links in your blog.

It may not be very useful for a newly installed WordPress blog, but if you have an existing old WordPress blog, this plugin will simplify the process of identifying broken links and will solve them with a single click.

Download the WP Broken Link Checker plugin

SEO friendly images:

Do you know that you could get decent traffic from image-based search engines? Search engines such as Google and Bing depend on the Alt text in the images to identify and classify an image.
A good practice is to use a meaningful name to load the image. For example, even though I add an image of WordPress logo in this publication, I have changed the name of the word WordPress-SEO-plugin-jpeg. The friendly image add-on for SEO changes the name of your image to the form of alt text and therefore, puts your SEO image into automation.

You can also use the WP Smush. It plugin along with this to compress the size of the image, and again help you load your WordPress blog more quickly.

Download SEO Friendly Images

Author hRevision:

Have you noticed the star rating in the Google search? If you are running a WordPress blog based on a review, the star rating will help you get a higher CTR in Google search.

Using the Author Review plugin, you can quickly add a star rating to Google Search based on This SEO plugin is not for everyone, but for bloggers who write a lot of reviews.

Download Author H Review Plugin

These are many of the few SEO plug-ins for WordPress, which will improve your general WordPress blog. Many premium SEO plugins are also available, but for now, let’s install them for free once, and if you have any problem installing or configuring them, feel free to ask me through comments. If you want to add some more WordPress SEO plugins, let me know through comments.

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