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A secret to earning $ 50 per click from Google AdSense

There are two types of professionals in the world – those who work hard and others who work hard and do smart work. The biggest level of success comes to those who find a balance between hard work and smart work. This is definitely true in the world of internet marketing.

As a blogger, you have to work day and night to produce great content, drive traffic and make money from advertisements. But some simple ways to increase traffic are easy to ignore and thus there is significant earnings from Adsense.

So – in today’s post I am sharing one of the simplest ways to improve traffic and increase my income!

Benefits of using long, high-cost AdSense keywords:

Of course you are aware of the fact that the most targeted traffic to your blog is, the more you earn money. Similarly, the higher your cost-per-click (CPC), the more money you earn from AdSense over time.

I’ve written about long tail keywords in the past and how these keywords help you rank higher with search engines. You’ve also mentioned the number of long tail keywords that are easy to rank and help you achieve highly targeted membership traffic.

Now suppose we can find a way to identify the right combination of long tailed keywords which are also CPC AdSense keywords? Sounds like a money making combination, is not it? read on!

After this, take a look at another great tool called SEMRUSH, which I’m going to present to you. SEMRUSH will help you to literally recognize long-tail, high CPC keywords within seconds!

Using SEMRUSH to find profitable AdSense keywords:

SEMRUSH is a wonderful tool and it offers a unique tool in terms of amazing features. I have not been in the detailed explanation of this tool here because you can refer to my review article to learn about using SEMRUSH. What I want to do today shows you how you can use this tool to find profitable AdSense keywords.

With this excellent tool you can get all, I recommend that you compile the following tools first:
  • Google Docs spreadsheet or any other tools you are using to manage keywords.
  • SEMRUSH account (Get a full 14 day free trial using this link)
  • List of high and middle authority blogs in your niche.

Login to your SEMRUSH account, and type the name of the domain that you want to use to find long-tail high CPC keywords. For example, in this case, I am using the Warrior forum

On the next page, click Organic Keywords> Full List, and you’ll see a list of keywords that are driving traffic to the Warrior forum.

Now, you just have to sort the list by clicking on the CPC tab, and it will first sort the list in the order of high CPC keywords.

The thing to note is that most of the high CPC AdSense keywords are usually long-tailed keywords. In fact, some of them are as high as $ 300 + per click!

Now start copying keywords that you think are best suited for your blog. (I usually note most of the keywords on my content-planning Google Doc, and I use these notes later to configure content on Super310 or any other blog.)

Keep repeating the process for the other domains on the list, and as long as you complete this exercise, you will have a comprehensive list of high-CPC AdSense keywords.

Since you are already targeting top-notch long-tail keywords, you are likely to have a higher rank and traffic on those keywords. This is one of the simplest and fastest ways to reduce your AdSense earnings.
Keep in mind that you need to make sure that your keywords are driving traffic from countries like the United States. Otherwise, you are not maximizing your capacity with this tip.

Let me know if you use any other tool to find profitable long-tailed keywords.

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