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7 YouTube Options to Watch, Share and Earn Online Videos: Earn Money Watch Video

Hey! Do you know the most popular YouTube options of all time? Are you curious enough about offering free videos online on major video streaming platforms?

Did you know that the sudden rise of YouTube viewers and creators is forcing the platform to revise its guidelines without prior notice?

The platform adds a large number of video content every single day. This leaves a large fraction of unhappy YouTube users looking for a similar set of features and specifications to offer the platform’s options.

Due to the unsatisfactory experience, there exist countless YouTube geeks switching to the platform and joining options to discover the difference.

As we already know that YouTube is one of the trusted Google products. Nonetheless, regular updates as a result of uploading videos and viewing restrictions are causing problems for users.

Also, you might be thinking that watching YouTube videos may not reveal information about you. But, you should always be vigilant because you are wrong in this regard.

YouTube is the most visited Google platform that always monitors our information. The data used by Google to investigate the same is completely beyond our imagination.

It keeps track of information related to us including our likes, dislikes, preferences, demographics and more. We can say that our privacy is not more secure with the platform.

Let's talk about the best YouTube options:

It is now your turn to withdraw your privacy and switch to platforms that do not collect our information. Although YouTube is the best free video streaming platform supported by billions of users around the world, there are also many YouTube options that you must know.


Dailymotion is among YouTube’s top choices due to its diverse set of features and specifications. It is one of the world’s popular video sharing platforms such as YouTube is flexible for users and video makers.

Dailymotion also adds a list of additional features that are never available on YouTube.

Features and specifications:

The given points explain the best sets of features available under the Dailymotion environment: –

  • The interface is similar to the option of trending videos on the homepage on YouTube.
  • Category availability and search bar at the top.
  • 4 GB in size and up to 60 minutes of video upload facility.
  • The excellent gateway for video sharing has over 112 million visitors per month.
  • Unlike YouTube, copyright policies have great flexibility.
  • YouTube has less stringent rules that are convenient for video creators.
  • Provision of content monetization through advertisements or paywall.
  • Users may prefer to see ads on only a few videos instead of all others.
  • The platform is available with a similar layout, such as YouTube making it easy for users to get accustomed in no time.

The environment is able to provide additional sets of features that are also not available on YouTube. There is a facility for uploading copyrighted videos, and you do not need verification of anything like custom thumbnails.

Furthermore, the video streaming platform never gives you a strike like YouTube. You can expect a long-term and risk-free union without any worries.


Can I get paid to watch YouTube videos, How do I get paid for online videos, Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid, How do Youtubers get money from YouTube,

Vimeo is another best YouTube option compatible with a versatile range of users.

Users like this platform along with professional photographers, musicians, advertising agencies and video makers. Pro-factor working with the manufacturer’s experience environment.

The platform encrypts YouTube with a great interface and high-quality video, allowing creators to earn some extra cash.

The Vimeo platform is ad-free with a low number of distracting elements in the background. It keeps users focused on real video extracts so they can enjoy the content.

Features and specifications:

  • The platform overloads itself with a clean and tidy interface featuring well-defined categories for the easy search process.
  • A number of distracting elements in the background with more focus on the video for enhanced user experience.
  • The video interface is an ad-free model supported by donations made by users.
  • The built-in community allows users to comment on their social media accounts, share videos, and follow channels as appropriate.
  • Users can only upload videos up to 500MB capacity every single week. In addition, there is an option to upgrade the range to 5GB which can be frustrating for users.


Can I get paid to watch YouTube videos, How do I get paid for online videos, Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid, How do Youtubers get money from YouTube,

The video-sharing platform is appealing to YouTube in all aspects of its former existence. This is a community-based YouTube option, which has a 90-second limit on all videos hosted.

Compared to the features of the platform, it cannot come into competition with other competitors.

But, whenever one experiences quality short clips, there is no reason to reject this iconic video platform.

Metacafe hosts understandable quality videos for product reviews, fun content, and video favorites. Similar to YouTube, the platform classifies videos under different categories.

The classification includes movies, news, sports, entertainment, video games and more. Users are free to subscribe to the channels and can also view individual playlists.

Features and specifications:

  • There is no garbage content on stage attracting more than 40 million unique audiences globally. In addition, the targeted content of the community comes forward on the platform.
  • Like YouTube and other similar platforms, users may not experience long videos. All videos uploaded are restricted to 90 seconds only.
  • Metacafe ensures uploading only high-quality videos with complete avoidance of duplicate content.
  • Reward system with the name producer Reward Program allows you to earn revenue from videos.
  • Users can earn $ 5 per 1000 views from their uploaded videos using the program. However, the video has to achieve a view count of 20,000 to make a profit.
  • Excellent and short videos available for stage lovers.


Can I get paid to watch YouTube videos, How do I get paid for online videos, Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid, How do Youtubers get money from YouTube,

Vevo is another biggest YouTube option specifically for music lovers. The platform is capable of extracting a large number of high-quality videos from Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

You are on your way to watch the latest music hits or watch other video videos grouped by music artists. However, you will not find diverse videos of all categories like YouTube in this platform.

This can only disappoint you when you would expect such content. Music lovers will experience a difference with a consistent supply of music videos at their fingertips.

Features and specifications:

  • The functionality of the platform will let you drown yourself in tone, music, lyrics, and sound.
  • Guaranteed availability of HD music content from top music resources.
  • The interface of the website is simple and user-friendly even for first-time users.
  • The content is limited to music videos rather than just a diverse range of content like YouTube.
  • You do not have access to upload your music videos below the stage.
  • There are browsing and searching functionality based on music artists and video categories.
  • The use of filters makes it easy for music geeks to search through a wide range of available music tracks.


Twitch is an exceptional environment for video hosting purposes targeting the gaming community. The platform provides the provision for easy uploading of live broadcasts and video recordings of gameplay.

Even the environment comes forward in the form of amazing social networks, enabling people to share their gaming tips and interact with other players. Unlike YouTube, the platform game is available for uploading video content to individuals and broadcasters.

Features and specifications:

  • The atmosphere is great for watching live gaming videos in large quantities.
  • Payments are lower for uploaders than YouTube.
  • Provision to interact with millions of gamers worldwide.
  • There is no provision to re-watch videos that leave users feeling disappointed.
  • Compared to other similar sites, streaming is slightly slower due to server load.
  • The site operates under the ownership of Amazon providing a sense of reliability for users.


Can I get paid to watch YouTube videos, How do I get paid for online videos, Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid, How do Youtubers get money from YouTube,

DTube is one of the best video streaming platforms to meet user privacy expectations. Unlike YouTube, this platform is fully decentralized. This does not allow the environment to upload and stream videos from a centralized server such as YouTube.

DTube’s video content is specifically stored on the blockchain, allowing users to analyze the level of protection against hackers. As before, there is no provision for leakage of personal information. The community manages and controls the entire video platform.

Features and specifications:

  • The environment never presents advertisements to you and never allows the recommendation algorithm under it.
  • The platform supports free speech, allowing monitoring of content by the community.
  • DTube’s content creators experience an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.
  • The video interface is almost identical to YouTube which also makes it convenient for new users.
  • The homepage allows access to several video categories. It includes hot, trending, watched videos and many more.
  • You can also save videos for later viewing and go for viral content from the trending videos category.
  • The platform is in a developmental phase, with YouTube likely to be its main competitor soon.

Internet Archive:

Can I get paid to watch YouTube videos, How do I get paid for online videos, Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid, How do Youtubers get money from YouTube,

The Internet Archive is one of the best available YouTube options offering all categories of content. These may include music, movies, books, courses, software, and others.

Unlike other video sharing platforms, it comes forward with a large database of historical and new content. Most of the videos under the platform are old and available in the form of TV series, news reports, and movies which are very difficult to find on other similar platforms.

Features and specifications:

  • The platform is a part of the Wayback Machine and hosts many of the contents of previous days.
  • It caters to watching TV series, movies, documentaries, and many more.
  • The kind of stuff available here in the form of extraordinary documentaries, films, TV series, etc. is very difficult to find on other platforms.
  • There is no hidden charge for uploading content to the platform. Users are free to upload content at no charge.
  • Unlike other video streaming platforms, it will be difficult to find the most recent and trending videos under the Internet Archive.


To sum up, YouTube is truly the most authentic and reliable video sharing platform available with a global reputation. Nevertheless, the sudden increase in the number of video content creators makes them a vast list of rules and regulations.

This often troubles quality video creators and forces them to find the most suitable YouTube option. In such a case, the above list of platforms will work exceptionally to meet all your expectations and criteria.


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