How to create a WordPress Blog on Free Web Hosting (000WebHost)?

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As we know, to create a blog or self-hosted WordPress site, we need to buy a domain name and web hosting. Now the domain name has become cheap and there is no reason to worry about renewing it for a whole year, but for most novices, web hosting is not a cheap deal.

If you are a newbie, then, first of all, you will have to learn WordPress, in this way I have already told you a method so that you can learn it by localhost i.e. by installing WordPress on your local PC.

But free web hosting is also a great and easy solution for testing purposes and some small experiments. In this case, if you install WordPress on free web hosting, you also have a lot to learn. For beginners, this is a great free solution for learning WordPress.

How to setup WordPress Blog at 000WebHost?

Today I will give you a step by step guide of the WordPress installation process at 000WebHost. 000WebHost to you

Provides basic free web hosting with some limitations. One limitation is that your website will be temporarily offline or down for one hour every day. The fun part is that you can set the time and date when your site is offline each day, such as between 2 am and 3 am in the morning night. This is a great feature. We will talk about this at the end of this article.

Let’s start

Every single step has a screenshot so that you do not have trouble understanding anything.

First, go to this website 000WebHost and click on your Signup button.

After that, open the form, fill in your email, set the password and for your website, choose a unique name according to the subdomain.

If you type, ‘super‘, then your site’s home address will be,
After this click on Get Free hosting button.

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After this, it will show you the welcome message and will ask you that you want to take intro tutorial. If you want to understand its interface, you can click on I want to learn, otherwise, by clicking on I’m pro, you skip it.

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Now you have to verify your email, quickly open your email, click on the link in their mail and verify your email.


When your email is verified, you will get this success message, click on the button that has the Manage website, given below.

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You can skip the step procedure guide of Hi, you’re almost done. Click on the button on the cross. Scroll it down.


Here you will find three tiles, click on the middle tile to start the WordPress installation, which will show the WordPress logo.


By clicking on it, you will open a popup of WordPress Install, set it to a username, password, URL, and language for your WordPress blog, and then click on Install button.


Now it will start the installation process and in a minute your WordPress blog will be installed on free web hosting.

After this, it will give you a message of Installation Complete and congratulations and below it will be a link to the Go To Configuration page, by clicking on it, you will reach the login page of your newly created, WordPress blog.


In the above steps, log in with the username and password set in it.


After this, you will find that, like any common WordPress blog and website your Dashboard will open and you can now create any kind of blog or website from it.

There will be a difference in it, on every single page of your website, a small image of Powered By 000WebHost will come in the bottom. You should not have to face any problem because if they are giving you so much for free, then they have the right to become such.

In this case, the URL of the WordPress blog that I have set up is:

Pro Advice:

As I mentioned above, this web hosting will be available for one hour of 24 hours. Now you can set which hours are offline, in which case you can follow the steps given below:

First, in 000WebHosts dashboard, go to General in the Settings menu.


In this, go to the website sleeping time frame and start the start hour, now as I click on the 2 button to update button, now this site will be offline between 2 am to 3 pm.


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