Google Adsense’s Best Ad Placement Guide: Make more money

Whenever we talk about increasing the CPC of Google Adsense, you will get to hear a common word, “AdSense Heatmap”. In this post, I will tell you about what is Adsense Heatmap and you can use it to place adsense ads on which blog in your blog.


What is heatmap and what are its benefits

Let’s first see what a heatmap is. Heatmap is a kind of visual representation that tells you that visitors who are coming to your site are said to be clicking and said to be the most interaction. It has many advantages

1. You can design the layout of your blog.
2. Where you want to place your ads, you can decide.

We have created this heatmap using crazyegg tool. Its basic plan starts at $ 9 / month and is totally free for the first 1 month. If you want, you can sign up and cancel in a month.
Today we will only talk about Adsense heatmap and it will be known that what are the best places to place Adsense ads so that we get maximum CTR.

Best guide to place Google Adsense advertisements

Placement of ads of Google AdSense is a tricky task and if you put up your ads in a good way, it can also double the traffic of your website and it will not even annoy your readers. You can double your Google AdSense income wisely.

Whenever you put an ad on your website, first of all, you asked these three questions:

  • Why have your readers visited your site?
  • Is your content more important or advertisement?
  • At which place should an ad be placed so that your readers are not disturbed?

You can think that I can write a good blog post and get more organic traffic and better traffic will mean better income. But think of another way, place ads in the right place and also take care of the quality of your blog post. If you think like this together, then you will master both things, in traffic and also in income.
We visited many discussion forums and here is a guide for you by which you can increase your income. First of all, look at the official Google AdSense placement image, which explains the placement of the best blog AdSense ads, which will not even annoy your readers.
Which Google Adsense ads pay the most?, How can I increase my adsense earnings?, How can I increase my Adsense coverage?, How do I get more Adsense clicks?,
You can see that most of the ads above the fold, below the fold are placed in the sidebar.
Below you can also see the official heatmap, in which orange color means strongest and maximum clicks and yellow color means weak and minimum clicks. Basically, the darker the color the better the performance.
Which Google Adsense ads pay the most?, How can I increase my adsense earnings?, How can I increase my Adsense coverage?, How do I get more Adsense clicks?,
Hence some good places where you can place ads are given below. (You can get great CTR with them)How to Verify Address in Google AdSense: With Pin and Without Pin

  • By placing an ad at the top in your article, you can get a good CTR.
  • Above the fold
  • As Sidebar Banner
  • Sidebar Video Unit
  • If you think of income only, then you can put the ad links units of AdSense in the middle of the content.
  • Using Google Search for search feature on your website is a great idea.

I will still ask you to place ads accordingly so that your readers are not disturbed. You will know that if you keep empty white space on your website at the place of advertisements, then your site looks good.
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