How To Boost Single Power Of Your iPhone / Android Smartphone

How To Boost Single Power Of Your iPhone / Android Smartphone

Friends, today we will talk about the problem of Signal Strength problem coming in our phone, it is quite common that sometimes our phone does not come in signal, or it keeps coming and we get disturbed by it, and this causes our call Drops are started, that is, talking about the call cut, stuck to the message, not being sent, and the speed of the internet decreases.

Friends Smartphones have become a very important part of our lives, and in this there is no Network / Signal Yes, life becomes incomplete, like without ribbing, without the king, the queen haha, if you also have trouble Signal Strength Let’s tell you some 5 things that might solve your problem.

How To Boost Single Power Of Your iPhone / Android Smartphone

1. The cover remove from your phone, so that the smartphone does not have Antenna Block

By applying a smartphone, you definitely consider the phone safe, but at times it can also cause problems on Signal Reception Strength. And keep in mind that catch the phone well so that the phone does not have Antenna Block.

2. Removing the obstacle between smartphone and cell tower

Now you are thinking how to do brother? Because your smartphone meets Signal Cell Tower and during this time you get less signal after very many obstacles.

You do this thing:
• Use the smartphone in the window open area.
• Stay away from any metal or wall.
• Keep your phone away from electronic items and metal, and do not keep near the TV at all.

How To Boost Single Power Of Your iPhone / Android Smartphone

3. Protect Your Phone Battery

When the battery of phone is low then it is very difficult to find the Signal / Network. And in such a way to find the network, the battery goes low and low. So in this case Turn Off Apps, Bluetooth, WiFi.
Do you check your SIM card or do you have any damages, or have you got spoiled?

Sometimes we think that Signal Drop has been done, then due to any malfunction or dust in the SIM card. Signal’s Strengh is completely dependent on your SIM card. So you remove your SIM card and clean it again and put in the phone. By doing so, there are chance of improving the Signal Strength.
If this does not come down then you can replace the SIM card. And maybe the Signal Strength may improve after the new SIM card.

4. Switch back to 2G or 3G Network

Many times we see that our 4G Network gives very weak signal. And whenever we get weak signal, we can switch to Network 2G or 3G. Or we can manually select Network. Perhaps this will solve your problem.

For Android users: Go to Connection Setting > Mobile Networking > Network Mode > Choose 2G Only or 3G Only Option.

For iPhone users: Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular data Options > Disable the ‘Enable 4G’ toggle.

So friends will finally say that try all of them and if you do not get the signal then do one thing, take the phone in hand and throw it somewhere haha…

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