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How To Make Money Online- 15 Ways to earn money step by step guide

How to make money online-

Making money online is not easy. But it is also not appropriate if you are following a proper path. Making money online without these three things will always be a dream for you: –

  • Hard work
  • Firmness
  • Patience

If you think you’ve got the above three things, let’s jump right into the topic.

So you need to make some cash and you need to make it fast.

Below are some of the most authentic and legal ways to make money online.

1. Take Online Survey-

Companies want to know what you think and they are willing to pay for it. In fact, not only are they willing to pay for your opinion, in fact, such are the case.

About a decade ago, annoying survey agents dialed their landline around dinner time and tried to get you to fill out a survey.

This attempt to hijack people’s time did not go down well and in fact, angered people about taking them to court for calls.

These days, if companies want to know what you think, they have to pay you.

However, not everyone knows that they can pay to fill a survey and even if they ask an advertisement to fill a survey for money, most people consider it a hoax.

And that’s why if you sign up as a survey taker you will get work and you will make money just to let people know what you think.

You can make about $ 10 an hour or more depending on how quickly you can fill out surveys and how many companies you sign up with.

Some surveys pay a few dollars (they are quick and easy) and other surveys are longer and can sometimes pay like $ 75.

Below are 10 excellent high-paying survey websites with which to start making quick money:

  • Survey Junkie (review)
  • InboxDollars (review)
  • Opinion Outpost (review)
  • Swagbucks (review)
  • E-Poll Surveys (review)
  • FusionCash (review)
  • VIP Voice (review)
  • MyPoints (review)

2. Become a Freelancer-

If you have talent, chances are, you can sell your skills. Whether you are a writer, artist, graphic designer, photographer, etc., there is a freelance gig for you. Some possible freelance angles cover you to take.

What is freelancing?

If you are making money online, then you must have heard the term freelancing. But what does it really mean? Freelancing means working on a contract basis and paying for one hour of work, days of work or per project, rather than being on a regular basis for a company or organization.

Freelancing Writing-

It is easy to become a freelance writer (all of our writers at super310 are freelancers). With that being said, if you are starting now, you may find it difficult to write a job that will pay you more than a penny.

Teach Online-

If you like teaching and you have some free time, consider teaching English as a second language. EF is an online learning company where you can earn up to $ 2,000 a month, which is a great favor.

VIPkid is another excellent service that combines tutors with English lessons one by one with North American teachers and students in China.

The application process is rigorous, but you can make between $ 14 and $ 22 per hour – not necessarily the most competitive, but still decent.

Search the Giggs section of Craigslist-

With TaskRabbit, you can search the “Gigs” section on Craigslist. Many pigs are hoaxes, but there are some that are legitimate. There are gigs that include computer skills, writing skills, general labor, cleaning and more.

3. Online Garage Sale-

You will not have to wait for Saturdays in the spring for garage sales, you can do it online.

In fact, you can make more money selling your goods on the web than you would be selling your goods in person.

First of all, you need to set up an account on popular online sales sites like Craigslist, which is super simple and free.

Then, instead of setting up your item on a card table on the lawn, you need to take some amazing photos of the things you are going to sell.

You are going to post these pictures for potential buyers to examine your product to make sure you get a good light – light is everything.


  • Shoot in natural light.
  • If you have to shoot indoors when it is dark outside, you should use a light kit.
  • Place your item in front of a non-reflective whiteboard before shooting, if you do not have a lighting kit.
  • Once you shoot your pictures, edit them to make sure the colors are good and cut out anything unnecessary.

Open your account on one of the sites we talked about earlier. Now set up an advertisement and upload your pictures.

You can decide if you want to set a price or you can write that you are accepting the best offer.

Hit Post

The site will send you an email to confirm the posting and your online garage sale will begin. And you can post a bunch of things on one page or you can post a different advertisement for each item.

The beauty of online garage sales is that you will find a group of people inquiring about your item so that you can estimate how much you will be able to sell your item for. This means that you will not have to accept the first offer that comes your way and it also means that you can make more dough.

Be honest about what you are selling and you can easily start selling all kinds of things to repeat customers.

4. Invest in Real Estate-

If you are a little risky, investing in real estate online is a great form of passive income.

Real estate crowdfunding involves many investors who invest small amounts of money in real estate ventures.

There are some companies that are at the forefront of the real estate crowdfunding industry.

Roofstock is one. They focus on single-family homes that you can buy and use as rental properties. It is a platform for investors and created by investors, which is why there is no fee to join and search for their properties.

Another well-known name in the real estate crowdfunding world is Fundrade. They have a super low minimum investment of just $ 500 (which is almost unheard of in the real estate industry), and Fundraise says their annual returns are typically from 8.7% -12.4%.

5. Start a Blog-

Choose a blog about a topic you like to talk about. If you choose a good niche topic and you write about interesting content, you can easily earn money with your blog.

The key is to write about something that really interests you so that the blog does not feel like work, but a labor of love.

When you write about something that you are passionate about, you are able to bring something unique to the conversation and people want to read about it.

When a lot of people come to your site, you can advertise on your site and voila – you are racking up dollars just like someone’s business.

Once you get the hang of things, you can also sell things on your site that you make yourself like a book or other merchandise.

6. Write an ebook

Writing a book is not as difficult as it once was. These days you can write a book about anything you know a lot about and it can be ensured that it will be published.

These days you do not have to depend on publishing houses to publish and distribute your books, you can do all this yourself.

This is the day and age of self-publishing and it means that you can become an established writer by taking all aspects of the publishing process into your own hands.

You can write a book. You can publish the eBook version on Kindle. You can use createspace to create a hard copy version.

You can then market your book on a media platform. Amazon takes one percent of the book value, it can range from 25 percent to 70 percent depending on the program you choose.

Every month the money is deposited directly into your bank account. Of course, there are many other platforms that you can publish your book on such as Nook Books.

7. Become virtual assistant

Virtual assistants can earn up to $ 16 an hour. You can work part-time or full-time, and your program can be relatively flexible, as long as someone you work with works for you.

What do you need to be a virtual assistant:

  • The laptop
  • Headset or cell phone
  • good communication skills
  • Flexible schedule

8. Sell or rent your goods

This could mean selling some things on eBay, running an online store, or letting your house go on rent (okay, so that it isn’t completely online, but it starts right there).


Ebay may seem old school, with Amazon and Etsy, but selling the stuff you need is a great way to make extra cash.

You can create a free account, but you will be limited to how much you can sell. If you want to sell more than 50 items a month, you will have to sign up for an ebay membership.

  • Starter: $ 4.95 / mo with annual subscription
  • Original: $ 21.95 / mo with annual subscription
  • Premium: $ 59.95 / mo with annual subscription
  • Anchor: $ 299.95 / mo with annual subscription
  • Enterprise: $ 2,999.95 / mo with annual subscription

Each comes with a different selling cap and the higher the subscription, the lower the fees.

Sell your textbooks

Textbooks are expensive – too expensive for most. So, if you have old textbooks, you’re never going to look again – or have never seen one in the first place – selling them may cost you some money.

If you buy your books from Barnes and Noble, They make it easy to sell them back at the end of the year!

Rent your house on Airbnb

Unless you are living under a rock, you might not have heard of Airbnb. If you have an extra room or even a full house that you are ready to rent, you can earn a hefty side income.

There is a cost when it comes to listing on Airbnb, you will be charged three percent of the total booking. Since you can set prices, however, you still have a lot of control over how much you can make as an Airbnb host.

9. Become a fitness coach or activity leader

Getting fit is an eternal passion for most people. The eternal part of it is a result of the fact that most people never fit in because they start and stop the program almost like a ritual.

It also means that thousands of people in your city are trying to stay fit all the time.

So what do you have to do with this?

If you can come up with fun ways to help people drop pounds then you can make a ton of money.

Think outside

  • Start a hiking group and charge people for each organized fare.
  • If you know a unique style of dance, start a class at your local community center or fitness club – or even your backyard.
  • If you know a martial art, start a class.
  • If you are good at motivating people and also know how to work outdoors, then become a personal coach.
  • Start a biking group and organize interesting routes to interesting places. You’ll provide fun fitness while helping people make new friends.
  • Start a healthy cooking class.
  • Charge something to send people a healthy new recipe every day.

As you can see the options are many and you can definitely get on board with one of them.

10. Share your talent

People have been bored for a long time and if you can do something to make them smile, you can give my friend some serious cash.

  • Are you a great dancer?
  • Can you juggle?
  • Do you mime?
  • Can you dress like a clown and make people laugh?
  • Can you stand still like a statue, but blink like a crazy person?
  • Can you sing a song?
  • Can you play an instrument?

If you can do any of those things then get out there on the street and make the world smile.

If you are genuine and kind in what you do, then if you are doing well, then busing can give you some good money.

Remember, even a dollar during an hour in a high traffic area can easily fetch you $ 50.

Multiply how many hours you are on the road and you want to quit your job.

11. Rent your things

Do you have something that a person wants to borrow?

Okay, your friends may be able to borrow this thing, but strangers will be willing to rent it. You can rent things like:

  • Tools
  • An instrument
  • A bike
  • Camping gear
  • A room
  • Furniture
  • Lawnmower
  • Snowblower

Just to name a few…

And you can post your rental on free buy, sell, and rent sites like Craigslist or Kijiji,

12. Affiliate Marketing

These days almost every product is available online, whether it is as small as a needle or as big as a car, everything is available online. And people are learning more and more towards buying products from online stores because of easy access to products and convenient home delivery systems.

These online stores need to advertise their products in some way and affiliate marketing is one of the many ways that they promote their products.

So affiliate marketing is a form of advertising, in which the affiliate (in this case you) promotes products from a different online store in your blog or website through a unique link (usually referred to as an affiliate link).

The affiliate gets a commission when someone buys the product through that link (usually some percentage of the price of the purchased product).

Almost every major online store has an affiliate program that you can include on your website to promote their products and in return receive a commission if someone buys from your affiliate link.

13. YouTube

Nowadays You-tube is booming like anything. More and more people are coming to YouTube to find solutions to their problems, learn something new and entertain themselves.

With this growing popularity, YouTube is also becoming a money-making machine for content creators.

Yes! If you do not know that you can earn a good amount by making YouTube videos. Although YouTube videos do not pay by themselves, you can make money by placing Google AdSense ads on your videos (of course there are other ways to make money on YouTube but now we will stick to Google AdSense).

You will get more money by viewing and clicking your ads.

14. Design website for others

Yes, you can create a website.

Me – What should I create a website?

You may be thinking that you don’t know how to do it, but guess what?

You do not need tech-wizard skills to build a website, these days all kinds of platforms can be used to create a website.

There are ready-made templates that you can use to design for your site – the entire home page, banner, buttons, and additional pages.

All you have to do is plug in your information like the name of the site and what it is about and you are good to go.

So if it’s so easy then why would someone pay me to make one for them?

Well, hold there friend.

Yes, creating a website is so easy that anyone can do it, although not everyone has the time or inclination to do so.

You are providing a service like any other service.

Yes, people can cook for themselves, but they eat outside because they don’t have time to cook or they don’t have the desire to learn how to cook.

You need a few hours to become familiar with whatever platform you are going to use and then you can advertise your services in the online marketplace.

15. Sell your photos

Do you like taking pictures?

You can earn a ton of money by selling your photos. Now you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a fancy $ 5000 professional camera, you can still sell your photos.

There are companies that want your “real” experiences to be like a fap, encouraging users to take shots in their everyday lives for the missions they are engaged in.

If you are great at what you do then you can earn hundreds of dollars.

There are many stock agencies online like that will allow you to connect to your site and sell your photos.

Stock agencies require you to send them test shots, which you must approve before selling on your sites.

You can also take pictures of events in your city and sell them to local papers.

Of course, if you take some pictures that are newsworthy, you can sell them to big news agencies like Reuters or big bucks depending on the importance of the event.


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