How to Protect Yourself from Public USB Charging Port, Public USB Charging Port, Public USB

How to Protect Yourself from Public USB Charging Port

How to Protect Yourself from Public USB Charging Port

Today we will talk about Public USB Charging Ports, i.e., are they good, are they in danger? And do you know that data is also transferred from the USB port? So how would you feel if someone steals your personal data? Will it feel strongly chilli? hahah bhaiya today we will talk a lot about such public USB ports and will tell you how to avoid them.

What is the threat from Public USB Port?

Look, brother put a simple thing in mind, never to use a public USB port, nothing at all. Because your personal data photo video is expected to leak in such. And you know what the world is like.

And the biggest thing is that USB charging does not work, it also sends your data. There are also attacks in the phone many times, i.e. some codes will be inserted in your phone via USB, your system can be damaged by the system, go attack is called “Juice Attack”.

After installing the USB in a number of old phones, there is no popup for the permission and instant data transfer option opens, but nowadays the iPhone and the new Android phone come with the option of data transfer that you trust on this computer or device or No? So this is a good thing of the new smartphone.

And if you did not give permission to the computer, then it will only help in charging, and will not transmit data.

If you have an iPhone, then you are absolutely safe, unless you have any unknown security hole on your phone. That’s why Apple brought the “USB Restricted Mode” feature. To avoid such an attack. In case of security, Bhaiyya can not give any competition to the iPhone. And this is a great thing.

And if you have an Android phone, then there is a great danger here. Because many Android phones have Outdated Operating Systems, which do not catch USB attacks.

Get a USB charge-only adapter

If you charge from the normal USB wire and will be in danger from the public USB port. But if you take a good USB only Charge Adapter ($ 6.41), then it will only charge the mobile, will not transfer the data, because its Data Pins is Disconnected. And it is also called USB Condom. Do not laugh, that’s right. hahah

And if you have an Android phone, you can also buy Charge Only Cables, which will be able to charge your phone only, and prevent data transfer. Its price is $ 7.49 which is called portapow cable.

How To Protect Yourself From Public USB Charging Ports

Use your own charger in AC outlet

Public Charging Stations Standard AC Power and USB Charging Port also provide in many cases. But leave the USB and select the AC outlet. Because there is no danger here.

And in the end, I will say only that if you have to avoid all this, then buy power bank as it gets only in 800 rupees and 2-3 times your phone is also charged. What is the difference if 700-800 rupees go? How much money should I have been paid on my own? hahah then think a little bit for yourself, and the lalo will be 100 miles away from the new power bank. Further, the Wireless Charging System is also coming forward. If you go further, then take care of your brother and your sister-in-law.

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