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The 15 best YouTube video ideas to make money in 2019

Making YouTube videos is one of the best ways to make money online while doing the things you like most. To get a decent income with YouTube, you should be able to get a large number of subscribers and viewers on your YouTube channel.

However, most people can not think of good ideas from YouTube videos that can get people’s attention.
With increasing competition, it is very difficult for viewers to access your YouTube video. So, the question is, what kind of videos should be done to get a decent number of visits?

We will find the same in this article. This article is also useful for those who are looking for the first ideas of YouTube videos.

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The best YouTube video ideas

Below, you will find the best Youtube video ideas that you can use to create your first YouTube video or add new videos to your channel.

1. Cooking YouTube Video

If what is said above is to be believed, cooking videos will always be in demand. With more people accessing the Internet, nobody wants to wait to see a recipe for their favorite dish on television. With YouTube, people have the option to review a couple of recipes before trying one.

So, if you can cook good food and have good presentation skills, you can surely make good money making cooking videos.

2. Make YouTube video for the gourmets

Being a great foodie, I love seeing the reviews of my city’s favorite restaurant and also about the foods that people eat around the world. And I’m sure, there are a lot more people like me.
This is the reason why YouTube videos that revolve around food receive many visits, and if the video is about Indian food on the street, you can get more views than you can imagine.

3. Make gadget review videos

Are you a technology expert who buys new cell phones and devices regularly? Start reviewing the gadgets you buy. You could probably earn enough to recover the purchase cost. Reviewing newly released gadgets can attract a significant number of views.

And if you regularly get a large number of visits to your videos, companies may pay you to review their products.

4. Review popular books

Is not a Tech Savvy person, but an avid reader? Make a video sharing your views on the last book you have read. Make sure the book you are reviewing is new and popular.
It may not be easy to make a video without revealing too much of the story, but if you are used to reading many book reviews, then you know exactly what to talk about and what not to do.

5. Make your videos by downloading products that you purchased online

Did you buy clothes, accessories or toys? Make a video of yourself and then share your honest opinions about the product. If the product is good and you purchased it online, you can include your Amazon / Flipkart / Snapdeal affiliate link to that product. Now, when someone buys it through your link, you earn a commission.

6. Create “How” Videos

As the name implies, you can have the video teach people “How” to do certain things. This is a very vast subject. You can teach absolutely anything. From complicated tutorials like repairing a computer or a bicycle to simple things like removing stains from clothes, you can create a video for virtually anything.

7. Create Screencast Videos

Screencasting is simply recording your computer screen. You can create tutorial videos about the use of certain computer applications or websites by recording your computer screen while using it.
Software like Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc. It can be really difficult to manage, even for those who have basic knowledge about them. Most people look for YouTube tutorials for it, so you can easily get many visits.

In addition to the Tutorials, you can also make screencast videos of yourself by reviewing certain websites or Softwares. The best thing about screencast videos is that you do not have to be in front of the camera. So if you do not feel comfortable in front of the camera, you can surely try the screencasting.

8. Make video tutorials online

Online tutorials are gaining popularity, as it allows you to learn things easily without consulting books. If you are a teacher with knowledge of a particular topic or a marketing professional, a software programmer or an SEO expert, you can create tutorial videos of yourself by teaching people what you know best.

There are millions of people who explore the internet in search of knowledge. If you are good enough to impart your knowledge, you can help others learn while making quick money for you.

9. “Play A Prank” YouTube Videos

Prank videos can sometimes be really viral. Make a video of yourself playing a joke on your friend, colleague, brother or your best half and record your reactions. You can take someone’s help to record the video or use spy cameras, which are available at very cheap prices on Amazon and Flipkart.
And if you have guts, you can even make jokes with strangers along the way.

10. Create Prank Fails Videos

If the prank videos can get you to many viewers, the prank videos can give you even more to the viewers, as they can be more fun. However, not every day, a joke fails. So creating videos of joke failures cannot be easy.

However, it can enact such flaws to appear real.

11. Make videos of your travel experience

Do you always have your bags packed to travel? If the answer is affirmative, you can make videos of your trip and upload them to YouTube. Whether traveling by car, train or bicycle, you can always record your travel experiences at regular intervals and create a YouTube video.

12. Share your opinions on trends topics

You can make a video of yourself, sharing your opinions on a topic of trends. Whether it’s about politics, celebrities, sports or the latest news, simply search Google Trends for the most searched topic on the Internet and record your opinions about it.

Trend topics are more likely to get more visits. And if you can make a controversial video about a highly debatable topic, there is a good chance that your video will go viral.

13. Make Mimicry Videos

If you have the talent to imitate celebrities, you can be famous. It is more likely that funny imitation videos are shared on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, and can make your video go viral.

14. Ask random people about their life experiences

You do not always have to interview a celebrity. You can interview a person you meet on the train or an older person sitting alone on a park bench. Everyone has his own story to tell.

And for me it’s not just about making money, it’s about inspiring others. It’s a kind of social service.

15. Fitness Related Videos

If you are a dietitian, gym instructor or aerobics expert, you can create a YouTube channel that helps people stay in shape.

Depending on what is good, you can suggest various diet plans, training techniques and supplements that will help you stay in shape.

A dietitian can partner with a gym instructor and vice versa, to provide a complete solution to the viewers.

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