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What Programming Language is Used For Websites?

For people who are not tech-savvy, it can be difficult to work with a web designer or developer. They use phrases such as CSS, HTML, and Java, which may fall short for you as a business owner.

The most common programming languages on the web include Hypertext Markup Language, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Some are used in conjunction with each other while some can be used almost completely different from other languages to create an interactive or static website. Although you can find other languages, these are the primary ones that are used to distribute content through a web browser.

There are a variety of coding languages chosen by the developers, and they use the language they are most comfortable with. Their preference over time becomes based on their experience using different languages.

Here are the most common languages ​​and how they are used:


HTML creates the layout and structure of your website. This language is dynamic and allows you to create a beautiful website using less code. HTML is used to create a starting point for a website and what most of your static pages start with. A better way to understand this language is to consider it as a skeleton holding your website together.


CSS is a complementary language that helps to style HTML markup code. The CSS styles of a page are usually called between HTML tags. This way of styling the page is incredibly useful because it allows a website developer to change each of the same HTML elements on a page without the need to change it individually. This allows developers to save time and test new design styles with ease.


JavaScript resembles more traditional computer programming languages but allows Internet users to perform certain tasks on a website and interact with content. The scripting language uses function calls and supports object-oriented elements. It can be used outside the web, for example, in PDF documents. This language should not be confused with the same-sounding language, Java.


Java is the most popular web programming language. It is used to develop website content, games, applications, and software. Java is used in the production of most Android apps. Studies have shown that more than 15 billion devices are using Java in some form. The Java language is portable and can be run on many software platforms.


PHP is a preprocessor hypertext, server-side language. The server-side language means that all processing is done on the server rather than inside the browser. The server processes the web page before displaying it to the user. PHP code can be embedded inside a regular HTML document or used as a stand-alone file. In both instances, the server is required to install the latest PHP platform.


SQL is a database query language that is used when your website is calculating large amounts of data. Using SQL allows you to gather data from various databases and use it to cater to your target audience on your website. This language is not used alone; Instead, it is combined with others to get the most from your customer database and website development.


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