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Quora Partner Program: Can you earn thousands of dollars with Quora?

Quora allows you to earn money through your Quora Partner Program by asking questions, it seems quite simple, is not it? But how much you can expect from Quora? Can you earn thousands of dollars with the Quora Partners program? Let’s explore this passive and skeptical income stream and find out what it is about.

What is Quora?

Quora has been around since 2009 and has probably run into it before doing Google searches for specific questions. Quora allows anyone to ask questions and allows anyone to give answers. The advantage of this format is that even the darkest questions can be found. The negative side is that the answers provided often lack quality, real content and most of the time they are full of spam. Quora uses an “upvote” system to classify the answers according to the number of people who found them useful and Quora also has a team of moderators who review the questions and respond to the quality.

Quora questions are often presented in Google searches. When you write a question on Google, most of the time, a Quora question will be on top search terms, directing traffic to your website. Quora generates its income by placing ads on its query and answer pages, and with millions of queries in its database, Quora generates large amounts of traffic on its site and collects good revenue. In September 2018, Quora reached more than 300 million monthly users. That type of traffic is equal to a large amount of money in terms of advertising and Quora wants more.

What is the Quora Partner Program?

The Quora Partner Program is an invitation-only system that will pay you real money to ask questions about Quora. That’s right: just by asking questions, you can earn thousands of dollars every month. Nor do you have to answer, because Quora users will happily answer your questions, they pay you based on the questions you ask. Does it feel right? So how do you get an invitation for this get-rich-quick scheme?
Unfortunately, Quora’s partner program is just to invite. This means that you have to ask Quora to participate yourself. In general, they only ask users of your site who are active in the past (that is, you have registered with Quora, have asked some questions, have some answers, etc.). There are no real figures when you invite: a thousand questions can work, but in the same way, only 10 questions can work. Personally, I asked about 20 questions and gave my account about 10 answers. I did not receive my invitation until a year later, so it can also be a problem related to time.

Why is only the Quora Partner Program invited? Good question You probably have to help maintain the program. By allowing everyone to sign up, it will be a daunting task to filter the Quora referees through all the junk questions and the overall quality of the questions will gradually decrease (one argument is that this program is already doing this). It can also be used to limit resources in terms of payment to users: with more users asking questions, there is more competition for those in the program, which means that they will earn less money.

Tips for joining Quora Partner Program:

  • Regularly ask questions. It may take months for invitations, so log on to the site once a month and prove that you are an active user.
  • To show that you have been invested in the Quora site, give a good answer.
  • Create a valid profile – Add a biography, name, profile picture. Quora wants to ask the question of real people, not just bots and people who search for spam on their site.
  • Be patient waiting for more than a year to wait for my invitation, but some have received it in a few months.

Found a quora to invite the partner? How do you make money?

The Quora partner program works by paying the questions you ask. The money you paid is based on the traffic you created for Quora, it is not based on the total number of questions you ask. Remember, Query makes money from the ads placed on the question pages: if you are in the partner program, you get a percentage of the income from those pages. When you are invited to the Quora Partner Program, you will be presented with a link to the Partner Panel. This panel is where you will enter your questions, verify your income and see suggestions on categories of topics on which you should concentrate.

What could draw your attention from this screenshot are the weekly earnings. Yes, people earn more than £ 1000 per week and more than £ 5000 per month, just asking questions about Quora! It is a fairly easy life if you can reach these levels since you can do this job from the comfort of your home, your bed and even while traveling. But how likely is it that you do this amount per week, per month? How much effort and time do you need to spend to reach these levels? As with any of these passive income streams, would it be better to dedicate that dedication to other places? And how long are you likely to get the benefit of the questions you have asked?
So, there are two types of questions, from which you will earn money.

The first type of question is a small question: You are asked to generate a viral source of traffic and after a few days the traffic will be reduced. These questions are usually related to the real world, current issues and what is happening on those types of issues. These questions can generate traffic directly from Quora, because they have their own user system that receives such queries which they may be interested in. But as mentioned, traffic to these questions will die after a few days.

The second type of question is the one that captures organic traffic (or as defined by Quora: external traffic). This type of traffic comes from sources such as Google, where they present their question page to users. Normally, these questions last much longer than the first type of question. These types of questions are definitely best for “passive income” because they will generate income over a longer period of time. One thing to keep in mind is that Quora currently only pays the income of the questions for up to one year. Then, once your question is one year old, you will no longer get any income from it, even if that means that that question generates hundreds of dollars a month.
Which means that the more effort you need to put into Quora, continuity will be required. The possibility of asking a question that generates income for the whole year will be less. These evergreen questions are ordered by users of the Quora Partner Program and, therefore, the competition will be difficult.

How can I earn thousands of dollars in a month through Quora Partners?

The real question is. Everyone wants to earn thousands of dollars for an easy job. Which means that Quora becomes competitive, which means that it is difficult to earn thousands, so the program gets good money. Unfortunately, Quora only provides the total amount earned by Quora users as a lump sum. They do not provide detailed information on how many questions the user of Quora presents in a month or how many questions earn more than a certain amount. In my brief participation in the Quora Partner Program, only 5 of my questions have won over £ 1, in which my highest gain is around £ 3. When you get bored, this is easy money to ask questions, but if you put regular “work hours” and consider it a job?

I wrote 300-400 questions in about 2-3 hours. Then I took approximately 2-3 hours to present these questions in Quora (I had to format them correctly, then select the correct topics for each question and request the response from the users of Quora). It’s about 6 hours of work. In the United Kingdom, the minimum wage is around £ 8 per hour. So, to work 6 hours on Quora, I will need £ 48.00, it should be equal to having a minimum wage. You also understand that Quora traffic arrives over time. You can’t judge those 6 hours immediately, because one of your questions can start getting traffic after 3 months and start getting the effort.

For some, it can be a great way to earn money and others, it simply can not be enough. If you are making the same payment as if you were working in a cafeteria or in a retail area, this option may seem like an excellent option. Being able to work from home is a dream, and being an expert on quora issues is not the most glamorous job if you pay the bills, is that correct?
If you are young and you want to earn some money, this can be a good way, especially if you want to spend only on some money or something.
But back to the original question: How do you earn thousands of dollars a month from Quora Partners? Can you get rich with this?
My answer: This is possible. You just have to be extremely lucky and highly dedicated to the program. This means spending hours-hours and asking all the questions which have not been asked before, and then it is hoped to be lucky that one of your questions gets so much traffic that it explodes. It is very difficult to predict which questions will earn you more money and, therefore, to earn money from the internet, like most of these programs, you will not know until you try. Most people do not have hours and hours to devote a program that they can potentially earn $ 0 or earn more than $ 1000. It’s a risk, but if you do not have anything to lose, then I tell you that you see it and see if you can do it.

Quora Partner Program - Interesting Tips and Tricks

I have been using the Quora Partner Program for a short period of time and I am already collecting tips and tricks on how to maximize my profits. The first is that I can see the kind of popular questions that are earning hundreds of dollars. Quora provides its members with a Perspectives page, which lists the best-paid questions of the month.
quora partner program 2019,
As you can see on this page, the questions asked a year ago earned more than £ 300.00. You can also see that the average value of questions after one year was £ 0.43. You can check this page to find out what types of questions make the most money. While writing it, Avengers: And Game has just been released in cinemas and is very popular. As a result, this week Quora has many questions related to Avenger’s topic in the most profitable questions. This type of information can also help you prepare your questions.

How does Quora Partner Program pay you?

If you are from the US, you will need a Stripe Account. Elsewhere, they pay you through Paypal. Both of these sites are relatively reliable and can help you transfer money to your bank from the quora.

Once you get more than $ 10.00 on the first date of each month, they pay you.

Quora Partner Program - Do not Trust It!

The next tip I will give you is: Do not trust Quora Partner Program to get money. If you are using it for some time and you are making good money with it, just know that it can end at any time. Quora has already begun making changes to its program, which reduces the amount it paid directly for traffic. Who will reduce rates, even more, when they say it in the future? Or worse, just stop the program altogether, which you could do very well. You should also remember that the questions you earn hundreds of dollars in a month can earn zero the next day. Quora reduces the amount you earned after one year.

I have seen it many times with popular programs that initially pay the amount of money for a small effort. Then the public arrives, and then the company reduces its rates because it has enough users to feed them according to their requirements. You just have to see the Amazon affiliate system and how they mention earnings all the time. Those who comfortably won five figures, barely made four.

The Quora partner program is ideal for extra income and to diversify your income streams. This is the best way to use Quora because if you ever cut the project, you will not lose everything. Similarly, if another project reduces your rates, Quora will be there for you with additional income.

And if you find gold and start earning a lot of money, then be smart with your earnings. In the form of an act, if these profits can disappear at any time.

Are you a member of the Quora Partner Program?

If you are a member of the Quora Partner Program, I would love to receive your opinions on this and how good it is for you. Tell us about your experience using it in the comments and if you are advising it to make money online to others.

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