YouTube Videos Kaise Banaye Aur Kaunsa Channel Banaye?

Friends, every second smartphone watches user YouTube videos nowadays, because this is an entertainment feature. And a lot of people also like YouTube, and then its direct benefit goes to YouTube and creator. How is that? It turns out to be strange that what does it get by putting videos on YouTube? It is a straightforward thing if you have a talent that you want people to see, YouTube is the only best way you can, and what can you gradually find people like you? And some handful of money will start coming. So one thing is sure, brother, if you want to do something good, come on YouTube one day or the other day you will know the world. So let’s talk about YouTube Video Kaise Banaye.

Now you will think that I am not seeing anything myself, which I can bring on YouTube, no matter today, I will tell you some 10 categories. You can create such types of videos and earn money.

Top YouTube videos of your YouTube channel

It’s easy to get to YouTube but it’s hard to get success. And there are mostly songs to be seen on YouTube. But after the songs, there are many such videos which people like to watch.

YouTube Videos Kaise Banaye Aur Kaunsa Channel Banaye?

  1. Unboxing video

Unboxing Video means that you have to open a box and tell you about something inside it. And this video category is quite famous and quite easy too. You need to do this without haha, ie Tech, Makeup, Toys etc. And a camera that is recording everything in the box And to talk about it, there should be a fun way of talking about your own self, listening to people, listening to them and getting information about the product. So let’s open the box.

2. Timelapse Video

Brother, this is the easiest thing to do, using the Timelaps App, you can create beautiful videos and you can edit earlier videos with timelaps effects too.
Whatever option you try, they will give a very good result. You can shoot timelaps by visiting good places, which are nice to see. Then get started.

3. Video Game Walkthrough

Do you like playing games? So YouTube is right for you, because it’s a category that is quite famous. People like watching live gamy or gameplay. Which we can make by recording the screen while playing Gama. You can also tell people that this level of brotherhood is to be completed like this. And nowadays then Gaming is running quite well.
And YouTube has its own version of YouTube Gaming where you can live stream or upload gameplay.

4. How To / Tutorial

youtube,How To / Tutorial,

It is quite common for people to search for information from How To. It can also be about a straight simple screen shot or even about something bigger. And if you get information about everything, then you can make this video by adopting this easy way, because what people need to know when they take it? Then get started.

5. Product Review

Product Review, YOUTUBE,

Just like we do unboxing, we can also review the product. That is, give complete information about something or something. Also about its usefulness and misuse In it you have to make a photo of the product, its use and good editing. So this is a great category of video that you can make.

6. Fan Video

Fan Video, youtube,

If you are the fan of someone, then obviously you will not be alone alone. There will be a lot of things like you. So like harry potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor who, you can create fan videos on it, which is the easiest thing. Just do a little research and start getting started.

7. Reaction video

Reaction video,

That is, Bhaiyya is the easiest thing in the world, pick up your face and watch any video, give your reaction, laugh or cry, whatever you are doing, record the reaction and insert the video. It’s just easy.

8. Cute animals

If you are fond of dog cats or you like them then you can make videos on them too.

9. Entertainment Gossip

Friends, such videos will be seen every day in the trending section, but the Kaminee make owls by using false thumbnail. But you do not do that. You can give news about any Bollywood movies or songs or give information about an actress or actor. On whose front his photo will play and you can give voice over It’s easy enough to try.

10. Vlog

At the end, at Vlog, which is becoming quite famous in India nowadays. Pick a good camera or make a video from the phone’s selfie camera. Get to a new place, talk to the camera, tell about the use space, and your face should always be fed. And yes if you like talking, brother you have come to the right place. Get started start.

So at the end of the Bhaiya, I will say that not just getting started on YouTube, you can handle YouTube while doing jobs, and children should pay attention to their studies.
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