10 devices that will get more backlinks

10 devices that will get more backlinks

Do you have an SEO strategy to pursue your website at the top of the search engines?
In addition to creating high-quality content, it is necessary to concentrate some time and energy on a common link building strategy.
Whether you’re posting to other websites or stealing the backlinks of your competitors, you need a game plan.
On the positive side, the more content you create, the greater the likelihood that you will receive natural links. On the contrary, there is no guarantee that it will produce the results you are following.
Gone are the days come when you could build low-quality backlinks to your website as a means to increase the ranking of your website. Nowadays and that could cause more harm than good to your SEO strategy.
Since the link is the time to apply to remain a major search engine ranking factor, so the construction of the strategy can be trusted.
What is the best way for this link building strategy? This is the type of page, depending on whether you are using what the strategy and the overall SEO approach.
Wherever you are, it is important to take the time to learn more about many backlink tools that help many marketers generate positive results for their search engine rankings.
Below, you will find a list of 10 tools that can help you in your construction strategy. When used correctly, one or more of these can have a big impact on the ranking of your website.

1. Check My Links

As an extension of Google Chrome, it is one of the easiest backlinks to use for SEO strategies.
One of the best ways to generate high-quality inbound links is to find broken links on other websites, to communicate with the appropriate party and to suggest that they are replaced with one on your site.
Check my link allows you to accelerate the process by working as a backlink tester. With enabled extensions, you can quickly review a backlink on a web page. While most will be shown as green or active, some will be displayed in red. These are broken external links. These are those who give you the opportunity to improve your own link popularity.
Building broken links may not be a strategy you’ve used in the past, but with this simple backlink tool, you can apply it easily in the future.

2. Broken Link Builder

If you do not want to use the backlink tool such as Google Chrome Extension of Verified Link, then you have one more option: Broken Link Builder.
With this backlink verification tool, you do not need to find a broken link on one page at a time. Instead, search the web on your behalf, help you find broken links in a matter of seconds and distribute search results.
Once you have a list of broken links, it’s time to get down to work and make your own link popularity. You can start the disclosure process, hoping to be in touch with the person responsible for changing the broken link for one which is even better. If things work in your favor, then this link will now point to your website. In just a few steps, your link building strategy has improved.
Getting started is a simple three step process:

  • Use the backlinks verification tool to find broken links related to your topic.
  • Choose the pages that you can relate or relate to the content that is already on your website.
  • Contact the owners of the site, inform them about the incoming links and suggest that they are linked to their content.

In a general sense, Broken Link Builder does two things:

  • It saves you time.
  • This helps you find opportunities to create your own link popularity.

As a marketing professional, these two things should be important to you.

3. Linkbird

In many ways, Linkbird is a SEO tool for everything. Although many of its features are biased towards the Link Building Strategy, you can also use it:

  • Analyze your backlink popularity and your profile.
  • Follow your rankings.
  • Operate keyword research for search engine optimization.

The only thing that I really like about this SEO software and link tools is how you can easily integrate link building with your content marketing strategy and search engine optimization. Since they go by hand, this is a benefit that should not be overlooked.

Both of Linkbird’s high-level features include:

  • The possibility of finding websites for high quality inbound links.
  • Find backlinks of your competition, so that you can follow those same links.
  • Integration with a system of email stamps, which helps in the disclosure process.

Last, but not least, this backlink tool has a collaborative role for team members. This is perfect for companies in which more than one person is responsible for the marketing strategy and link building. Keeping everyone on the same page, the lost time is kept short.
When you use Linkbird, link building and content marketing come together in complete harmony. From an SEO perspective, this is a big problem.

4. Pitchbox

When it comes to adding prospecting and expansion, there are not many back link tools as much power and many tasks like Pitchbox.
This is how the company describes itself:

“Pitchbox automates hard work so that you can focus on what you do best: make real relationships with people from one person to another that you want to reach.”

If you take your link building strategy seriously and take your brand to the next level, the pitchbox is a backlink tool that you should access regularly.
Outreach is the name of the game when it comes to creating a natural link of the highest quality. With this tool, you can find specific opportunities based on your search preferences. Includes contact information and social profiles for each prospect.
However, the pitchbox takes things a step further by providing an automatic tracking function. This gives you the opportunity to be in touch with the possibilities of incoming links, even if you do not have the time to do so.
Finally, your smart template ensures that your reach is out of the crowd. You do not want your email to be buried. You want me to be taken seriously. By using a well-organized template, you can make every gameplay change reach for a sophisticated construction strategy.
Pitchbox offers a variety of high-level features, without any unnecessary detail without colliding with you. This is a great advantage so that anyone can create a link efficiently.


Seo should not be as complicated as it seems. It can be easy if you devote yourself to creating the best content in your niche and avoiding SEO spam strategies.
To adapt the conversion rate, everything from marketing to social network exists in the social network.
In this publication, we analyze 10 main devices to get more free backlinks. You can not use all these tools, but for the positive effect, only one is required.


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