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EZOIC Review: Increasing my Adsense Revenue by 70% in 90 days

Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to increase ad revenue by automatically testing various ad types on its site. In this Ezoic review, I will outline my own experience after a month on stage.

I promise it will help you earn more from your blog. In particular, if you are using AdSense, Media.net or any other similar ad network, you will love learning about Ezoic.

Think if any of your helpful friends tell you:

  • Where to place your ads exactly.
  • Which displays the size to use.
  • Which advertisers to work with to make the most money from your blog.

This will have a direct impact on the amount of money you make from your blog, right?

For example, what if you have found that the way you are not currently displaying your ads is not optimal?

If you have changed for the better, you can make more money instantly without the need to increase your blog traffic.

  • This is what Ezoic is trying to help.

Ezoic lets you test ad placement, size, and publishers to find the combination that pays you the most money.

Ezoic claims that most websites see revenue growth of at least 50% implementing their optimization.

  • In fact, he has worked with over 21,000 websites.
  • Those websites increased their revenue by an average of 115%!

One of the holy graves many people look for when monetizing their websites is how to increase their Google Adsense revenue by increasing their CPC, CTR and overall RPM. Today I am going to show you a case study in this Ezoic Review on how to have a CPM of more than $ 6 to $ 15 in 3 months with this ad review software.

If you read this blog before you know it sometimes I am a fan and other times I am not a very big fan of Google Adsense for website monetization.

Either way, I think Google Adsense is bad. In fact, I know that both Google and Facebook have some of the best advertising networks in the world and any website you put in there could possibly make more money than using any other network.

However, I am an affiliate marketer at heart and I have found that affiliate marketing can be a lot more profitable with the right keywords and the right audience, so Google Adsense has always been a secondary option for my sites unless I really know Is how to monetize them.

Google can be misleading for some time, and a lot of people get banned from Google Adsense, not really a proper time to learn it and dominate it. A lot of this can happen to big people like Google, Facebook or Amazon.

Nevertheless, I am writing a case study and review here on how to increase your Adsense earnings because in the last 4 months I have been testing a tool that works quite well and which is a good site with traffic And Google is earning with Adsense should be tested right now! This tool is called Ezoic Ad Tester.

Ezoic Review - How it All Started

So, here’s how it all happened. Back in July, I was approached by a business development manager at Ezoic.

He asked me if I was interested in testing the Ezoic because I had written about him only a few years ago, but I never gave him a proper test with one of my own public spaces.

As I have said before, I am not a fan of using Google Adsense for sites where you can monetize through affiliate marketing, so I respectfully declined their offer because I found Stream SEO. I was not interested in installing Google Adsense again. (I did a few years ago, but it’s been a while).

So a couple of weeks later and I was traveling to Europe to attend an affiliate conference in Barcelona when I was contacted again by Laura, this time just to show me that she had recently signed up under him. One of the sites improved their EPMV (I’ll explain this metric later but consider RPM’s steroids just a few weeks after signing up).

As you can see, this website had an EPMV of $ 2 at the beginning of the split test and after 10 days the EPMV increased to $ 4.

Now obviously those websites were badly optimized and their earnings doubled or tripled in such a short time, but Laura already had my attention and I asked her to reply back and do a test on this website decided to.

Laura told me via email about all the steps to be taken to set up the ad tester and asked me to sign up and do all the processes. He also showed me a graph of a website that has been working with them for over 2 years and their EPMV has changed from less than $ 5 to $ 12. The point of this graph was to show me that advertisements can always be A / B tested and no matter after months of working with Ezoic.

The more traffic you have, the better results you’ll see as the Artificial Intelligence tool does more tests and decides what works best. Here’s the graph:

EZOIC Review, Increasing my Adsense Revenue, superidea, super310,

Now I was hooked, so I signed up and did the process of integrating Stream SEO with Ezoic and re-fired my Google Adsense account to see if it could work with my site and Might as well write a case study.

Testing ad placement and size is incredibly important:

There are two reasons to test your ads:

  1. To make more money: I know, it’s obvious. This is what most website owners look for when they test anything on their site. And testing is a very good way to optimize the money you make from your blog or website.
  2. To optimize user experience: This is one reason people may not think much. But what if you found out that a set of advertisements caused people to immediately leave a page? Maybe the two sets of ads you are comparing add the same amount of money per page view but provide a better user experience. Knowing that is equally important for your blog. By maximizing your user experience, you can get back to your readers.

Why advertising by yourself is difficult:

You might be thinking:

  • Test ads are easy. I just need a simple A / B test and I will know which one is better.

But here’s the problem with that:

Those basic tests do not take into account all of the critical variables. They are not maximizing your wealth as much as possible.

  • Correctly testing advertisements is actually very difficult (without help).

And if you care about getting accurate results and actually making more money, then you should do your test properly.

Why simple A / B test is not good:

You probably have many ads per page. So if you divide only one placement at a time, you are not getting an exact value.

  • You only see the difference for that one ad placement.

You need to care about how much money the entire trip costs, including all your ad placements. You need a way to compare all ads on a page at the same time.

More importantly, you also want to:

  • Maximize the money you make throughout the journey.

Typically, your readers will click on more than one page. So you should be able to compare the money you travel per unique.

To demonstrate this, here is a quick example comparing the two options:

Option 1 makes you $ 1 per page view. Visitors who see option 1 usually see 3 pages.

  • Option 1 = $ 3 per visit ($ 1 x 3 pages viewed by the visitor).

Option 2 makes you $ .75 per page view. But visitors who see option 2 usually see 5 pages.

  • Option 2 = $ 3.75 per visit ($ .75 x 5 pages viewed by the visitor).

If you only look at earnings per page view, you would think that option 1 was the best. But in fact, option 2 makes you more money.

This is why running these detailed tests can bring more money to your bank account.

  • But it looks complicated and time-consuming, doesn’t it?

Yes, Running these tests would be incredibly difficult.

  • This is why Ezoic is such a valuable tool.

It automatically runs all these tests for you, so that you can make sure that you make as much money as possible from your blog ads.

Ezoic Review - Installation and Setup

The first thing I have to say is that Ezoic is not as easy to install. In their integration tab, they show 3 different ways to add your website to Ezoic.

  • Name Server (Recommended)
  • Code Snippet (not recommended)
  • WordPress Plugin (Easy Option)

EZOIC Review, Increasing my Adsense Revenue, superidea, super310,

I understand the reason why they do not recommend adding Ezoic to your site via a script, however, we used to because no other analytics tool in the world usually does this with WordPress. Ezoic mentions that this code can slow down the website and threatens JS conflicts, although big brands such as Google Analytics or the famous Facebook Pixel are set up like this.

Anyway, I decided to go through the WordPress plugin route to see if it would not work and there was nothing to setup the plugin. This was a strange flag and it seems that the plugin is not developing very actively in the WordPress repository, so I decided to go for the suggested option which is to setup Ezoic via their name servers.

Now if you don’t remember, your domain name servers are usually pointed to your web host unless you use a special/premium DNS service. We host Stream SEO in a fast unmanaged VPS so we know exactly what name servers are and we have not used common/slow name servers like GoDaddy or other domain registrars provide.

Enabling Ezoic via name servers means that we will not have 100% control of our DNS, but at the same time Laura told me that it would make more money and they would give you faster with other things like CDN, SSL, etc. DNS servers also provide. So we decided to give it up and switch to the name servers that Ezoic provided me.

It is important for me to mention in this review that if you are going to use Ezoic and you are not tech-savvy using the Name Servers method, it is really best because you give control to the manager of your Ezoic And they can help or fix anything you really need at their end without accessing the code of your website.

Now that Ezoic was connected to my site, Laura sent me a guide to set her ads and various ad positions within her website. You can read the entire guide here but can honestly read the moment I went and I noticed that it was not as easy as I expected and I was quite busy then. I decided to postpone it and maybe even give up the idea of testing the Ezoic but I’m glad I didn’t.

A few days later Laura asked me if everything was alright and I honestly said that the setup was more difficult than she had expected and I didn’t have time for it because I was in the middle of a trip.

She came back to me with this terrible email:

EZOIC Review, Increasing my Adsense Revenue, superidea, super310,

Laura rocks!

She went out and set up the whole set up for me while I was away so the only thing I needed was to share my Google Analytics access with them and to start my journey with my Adsense account with Ezoic I can add.

It took me about 5 minutes and everything was good. Now the time has come to allow the ad tester to run and we will analyze whether it can really bring AdSense revenue to stream SEO.

A few weeks before doing all this, I decided to add Google SEO to Stream SEO and use the Adsense Auto-Ads feature to see how much revenue and CPM I could get without any proper optimization.

Adsense Auto-Ads is a feature introduced earlier this year that allows Google to show ads in different sizes and locations of your website, allowing you to manually place code each time a banner is displayed. Happens without I am a huge fan of A / B testing and optimization and I shared some time ago before helping to capitalize on viral websites. Now with Google Adsense Auto-Ads, they can do something similar for you, although I have found that this is what you are doing, along with manually testing the best placements and ad sizes, Also know.

Stream SEO had an average CPM (costing a thousand impressions) of $ 6-7 USD. The website was making $ 200-220 USD per month with Adsense Auto Ads.

How much revenue can increase after adding Ezoic? We are about to find out, but first, let me show you how the Ad Checker platform works.

Ezoic Review - Familiarity with the Platform

Ezoic has a platform full of settings and features and it takes some time to understand them all. Here’s what the dashboard looks like:

The homepage shows you the apps you’ve installed (later on that), the performance increase based on the tests, and the estimated earnings for each day of the previous week. You can already see how much the site is earning nowadays. At $ 6 per day it was doing this before using Ezoic.

If you go to Settings and Site Options, you will find the following menus available. But don’t you worry, you don’t really need to worry too much about them because some of them are already setup after integrating with Ezoic and your AdSense account. Click here to sign up and start working with Ezoic.

EZOIC Review, Increasing my Adsense Revenue, superidea, super310,

The first menu allows you to switch ezoic on and off. Turning this off means that traffic will see your regular AdSense ads the way you originally setup them in your website. However, you can (and you should initially) split both Ezoic and your basic AdSense setup to see which one performs better.

You can increase or decrease the percentage of traffic sent by devices to mobile, tablet, and desktop to the Ezoic platform. Originally, my manager, had it set to be 70% -30% (Ezoic – original) so that we could see how the performance would look like after a few days.

I quickly realized that if I divide the traffic percentage by 50–50% it is easier to have a faster result because Ezoic needs a few thousand impressions to gather statistical significance and draw conclusions. Nowadays I have this setup through 100% Ezoic as it makes more money than my original Adsense auto ad setup as you can see in the image above but I am able to gather enough stats to at least one I recommend split testing for the month.

My manager (Laura) has also set a balanced optimization goal for stream SEO. You can go into this setting and change it, but I’ll leave it in balanced mode unless you hate showing ads or you want to show more and more ads on your website, even if it’s your readership.

The main difference between a revenue-focused and user experience focus is that the individual focuses on showing as many ads as possible to monetize their traffic, even if it is annoying to your readers, while the user-focused focus shows fewer ads. And still gives a cleaner user experience while trying. To get the most out of your website traffic.

The balanced mode stays true and weighs your earnings against your traffic to keep the best of both.

Ultimately the user experience on your website is very important because if users go crazy as spam and realize that they cannot see it again. Also, if your site has many advertisements, it also means that visitors can click on the ad and exit your site, reducing the number of page views per visitor.

I mentioned EPMV earlier and said that you can think of it as revenue received for a thousand visitors. However, this is not entirely true.

When using Google Adsense, one of the most important metrics is RPM or Revenue Per Mile Impressions. This means that you will earn an average per one thousand visitors and this is calculated based on your CTR (click-through rate) and CPC (cost-per-click). The higher the RPM your theory earns, and the more CPM advertisers are charged for running Google ads.

“However, Ezoic EPMV = income is concentrated per 1000 visitors.”

They do this because impressions and visitors are different metrics and a visitor can generate multiple impressions if they scroll through a page or checkout multiple pages of your website in a single session.

EPMV is more important because if your user experience is poor due to intrusive ads, your visitors may generate fewer page views and fewer impressions, and even though your CPM is higher your final revenue, your visitors will receive fewer impressions in your ads Reasons for generating may be reduced.

Here’s an example of a website that has RPMs of $ 8 and 2.5 pages, which gets $ 10 RPM per website, but only 1.5 page views per visitor:

As you can see, even if your RPM is $ 10, your total revenue may decrease if users generate fewer page views (and fewer impressions) due to poor user experience. This is why Ezoic focuses on keeping a balance between advertisements and user experience and why their metric focuses on EPMV rather than regular RPM / CPM.

Ultimately, an AI learning machine will understand which visitors ignore ads and which visitors are more likely to click, so that they can provide a tailored experience for your visitors across different devices. In the end, it will give you more money while having a better user experience. This is something you can’t really do when you manually set your advertising ads with code.

Ezoic Review - Payment Methods

Ezoic makes a small buck from one of the advertisements shown on your website to keep its platform profitable, but other than that the money is all yours and it is a lot more than Adsense auto ads or manuals like the old times Commercially advertises.

If you are in the US, Ezoic makes payments through PayPal, Payoneer or Check and even bank transfers. Their minimum payment limit is $ 20, which monetizes with Adsense or other platforms to be paid by Google, which is more affordable for those already starting until you make your first $ 100 (or equivalent) Don’t wait till we reach.

All payments are monthly net 30, meaning that you will receive payment for your April earnings at the end of May. This is standard and Google does the same when paying directly to you.

The Conclusion

There is no doubt that Ezoic Ad Tester is an easy and effective tool for bloggers.

Ezoic is an incredibly powerful tool.

  • But it is also a complex tool.

I have tried to make it simple for you to understand and get started with this guide.

You can always get Ezoic customer support and assistance over time, I will add more information about Ezoic.

If you are making money using AdSense, or Media.net, or any other advertising network, then you should definitely start using Ezoic. This automated tool will definitely increase your revenue and with their low minimum payment, you do not have to wait long to get paid.

  • And it is free to start.

This tool is only for bloggers who already have some traffic and revenue. While it is still good to optimize a small site, if your site does not get a lot of traffic, there may not be time to set up Ezoic integration.

But if your blog is already generating some revenue, then I definitely recommend you try to optimize that revenue with Ezoic.

Last but not least, if this post was of any help to you, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

A quick share from you will seriously help other bloggers to optimize their revenue as well as help in the development of this blog.

I would love to hear your experience of Ezoic. What are your thoughts on maximizing revenue and maximizing Ezoic? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you very much!


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